Henry Bush

These photos are really rather old, all taken around 2004. To see my recent photos, hop over to my Picasaweb account.

Balloon Reflection (Compact Chemical Camera)

Taken the day of the Southampton Balloon Festival, because they just appeared over our street and looked ace.

Buck House (Compact Chemical Camera)

A very popular subject, taken from an unusual and confusing angle that makes it hard to recognise. Water is also a favourite topic of mine.

Building 30 Reflection (Compact Chemical Camera)

I've always been one for reflections. Building 30 of Southampton University didn't look like this for long: it got an extension, and the whole uni changed (as unis tend to).

Fire Cage (Compact Chemical Camera)

A cage created by my friend Pete swinging (juggling? No, I think just swinging) fireclubs around.

Guitar (Compact Chemical Camera)

Taken in the lounge of 84 Harefield Road. Caustics are another favourite topic of mine, and the way the light was shining through the glass door caught my attention.

Harefield Road (Compact Chemical Camera)

One day, I came out of the house in the morning and all of the fences on the road were steaming. It was weird. So I took a photo.

Jenny on Beach (Compact Chemical Camera)

My friend Jenny sitting on Chesil Beach. A bit cheesy, but I still really like this photo.

Lucy (Compact Chemical Camera)

I think this is my favourite of my photos. Taken in a mexican restaurant in Southampton, of a girl called Lucy (who my friend used to live with but has lost touch with).

Post at Hengisbury Head (Nikon Coolpix 2100)

I like this one, but I'm not sure why. It's nice how the man-made post has completely degraded, as nature takes its course.

Fire (Nikon Coolpix 2100)

I think I took this photo, but it might have been my friend Myriam. I'm not sure who the person spinning is, otherwise I'd credit them. I think whoever it is is spinning poi, but I can't be sure. So to sum up, it's a photo of someone doing something taken by someone. But it looks nice, and that's the point.

Sunrise, Bournemouth (Nikon Coolpix 2100)

The sun rising over Bournemouth beach. Yes, I know sunrise / sunset pictures are very clichéed, but I just liked this one particularly. I think it's the detail in the reflection of the sand. Possibly.