MART Lecture Notes
Term 1 Lecture 1: Starting Maya
Including Demonstrators, Aim of the Course, Start Maya, Navigating, Transforming, Creating a Simple Scene, Resources
Term 1 Lecture 2: Projects, Components, and Hierarchies
Including The Hotbox, Projects, Object types, Polygons, Transforming Components, NURBS, Hierarchies and Parenting: Groups, Pivots, Complex Hierarchies
Term 1 Lecture 3: Beginning Animation
Including Key Frame Animation, What is a Key-Frame?, Computer Animation, Binary vs ASCII, Bouncing Ball, Robotic Arm
Term 1 Lecture 4: Polygon Modelling & Referencing
Including Hotkeys, The Letter 'G', Spaceship, References
Term 1 Lecture 5: Modelling from Curves
Including Modelling with Curves, Creating Curves, Creating NURBS Surfaces From Curves, Extrude, Revolve, Loft, Trim, Planar, Birail
Term 1 Lecture 6: Deformers, Turntables and Fly-Throughs
Including Deformers, Bend, Flare, Sine, Squash, Twist, Wave, Lattice, Wrap, Sculpt, Rearranging Operators, Turntable, Creating a Canyon, Fly Through
Term 1 Lecture 7: Layouts, Layers, Lights and Linking
Including Layouts, Layers, Lights, Light Linking
Term 1 Lecture 8: Joints, Skeletons and Rigid Skinning
Including Skeletons, Joints, Inverse Kinematics, A Complete Skeleton and Rigid Skinning
Term 1 Lecture 9: Advanced Rigging and Character Controls
Including Advanced Rigging, Pole Vector Constraints, Aim Constraints, Adjusting The Root, Connections, Expressions, and Driven Keys, Footroll
Term 1 Lecture 10: Footroll, Character Sets, & Constraints
Including Footroll, Controlling Channels, Character Sets, The Crane, Position Constraints, Orientation Constraints, Parent Constraints
Term 2 Lecture 1: Walk Cycles
Including Animating a Walk Cycle, Step Animate the Hips, Step Animate the Feet, Step Animate the Rest of Eric, Adjusting Timing with the Dope Sheet, Ghosting
Term 2 Lecture 2: Blend Shapes and the Dependency Graph
Including Blend Shapes, Extra Attributes, The Dependency Graph, Input and Output Connections
Term 2 Lecture 3: Practical Animation Techniques
Including The Principles of Character Animation, Squash and Stretch, Straight Ahead vs Pose-to-Pose
Term 2 Lecture 4: Smooth Skinning and Influence Objects
Including Smooth Skinning, Adding bones, Weight Painting, Influence Objects, Gimbal Lock
Term 2 Lecture 5: Beginning Texturing
Including Render View & Render Settings, Texturing, Shading Models, Texture maps and Refraction
Term 2 Lecture 6: Procedural vs Image Mapped Texturing
Including Different Types of Texture, Procedural Textures, Image Mapping, Comparisons
Term 2 Lecture 7: Displacement, Baking & UVs
Including Bump maps, Displacement Mapping, The Problem With Textures, Blending textures, UV Mapping
Term 2 Lecture 8: Advanced Lighting
Including Advanced Lighting, Render-only Light Types, Area lights, Volume lights, Indirect Illumination, Caustics, Global Illumination, Final Gathering, A Challenge
Term 2 Lecture 9: Render Layers and Passes
Including Render Layers, Splitting Up The Scene, Splitting By Foreground & Background, Shadows, Lights, Light Components
Term 3 Lecture 1: Particles for Beginners
Including Particles, The Particle Tool and Particle Emitters, Emitters, Rendering Particles, Fields, Snowfall, Batch Rendering, The Spreadsheet, Split Your Outliner, Virtual Sliders in the Attribute Editor
Term 3 Lecture 2: Rigid Bodies & Soft Bodies
Including Dynamics, Rigid Bodies, See-saw, Constraints, Nail Constraint, Pin Constraint, Hinge Constraint, Spring constraint, Barrier Constraint, Soft Bodies, A Rubber Ball, Walking in Snow, The Rules
Term 3 Lecture 3: Bits & Bobs
Including The Spreadsheet, Split Your Outliner, Virtual Sliders in the Attribute Editor, IK Splines, Animation Snapshot, Creating a NURBS Shoe, Issues with Transparency & Raytracing