Henry Bush
This song is the only one I would ever actually play to anyone. It's a duet for two pianos, and the title is because I wrote it when I was quite depressed (ironically, it now cheers me up if I am again).
Listening to Through a Long and Sleepless Night by Divine Comedy and And the Money Kept Rolling in from Evita (which are both in 7/8 time), I decided that it might be fun to write something in an unusual time signature. So here it is: the only piece I know of in 11/8 (with breaks in 14/8).
A piece of crap. It's dancy / ambienty, and I know nothing about those kinds of music at all. I wrote it cos I found some cool noises on my DB50XG sound card. Listen to it at your peril.

© Henry Bush, 2013

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