Henry Bush
Sequels in Cinema
We were given the subject "style" for our Principles and Practice essay, and I chose to write about the place of sequels in cinema. Brave, considering how little I knew about it. My mark wasn't great.
Love Stories vs Fairy Tales
Written as part of the Moving Image module of my MA: intended to aid me with my final project, but the chocolate teapot principle kicked in. Was interesting and useful to write, didn't get a very high mark though.
Technical Report
This was my technical description of how I did one of my short films: I had to seamlessly merge a water creature (a man in this case) with a flat water surface. The results looked quite nice, and this technical report is a tutorial to do the same in Softimage XSI.
Vim Reference Sheet
Recently, while learning Vim, I was frustrated by the fact that I used to have a reference sheet for it, but couldn't find it. Then when I did find it, I discovered it was crap. So I made this one. It's intended for people who know the basics of how to use Vim, but can't (yet) remember all of the commands. NB: Vim has so many commands, they're not all on here: try :help for a more comprehensive list.