Henry Bush

Where Your Eyes Don't Go

Where Your Eyes Don't Go (POV-Ray 3.5)

My first entry to the IRTC, and my first proper CG image. I'd meddled with it at school, but never made a full blown image (read: never actually finished anything). I'm quite happy with this, but the overall effect was never quite... there.

The Lonely Bauble

The Lonely Bauble (POV-Ray 3.5)

Originally created for the winter theme of the IRTC. The branches never quite looked like I hoped. The house is too crisply reflected. But otherwise, I like it.

If Only

If Only (POV-Ray 3.5 & Moray)

Debateable. Sometimes I like this image, sometimes I hate it. There are nice things, but I think it suffered more than most from the procedural method that I used to use in POV-Ray to texture everything. And the lens flare... what can I say? I was young, foolish, and didn't realize how hideous it looked.

Mmm, beer...

Mmm, beer... (POV-Ray 3.5 & Moray)

Probably one of the images I'm proudest of. The script that was written to produce the bubbles is quite complex, and it worked fairly well. Though, as has been commented, it looks a little "soapy". It was the caustic pattern that I was interested in though, and that worked pretty well.


Waterwheel (POV-Ray 3.5)

After my flirtations with Moray, I went back to POV-Ray raw for this one. I entered it to the IRTC, and one guy thought that I shouldn't be allowed, because I'd used Excel to average 5 images together to effect motion blur. They're quite strict on their no post-production policy. I like this, but there are too many flaws to make it a favourite (though I do like the water (all scripted blobs / metaballs, don't you know)).


Interreflection (POV-Ray 3.5)

Conceived completely differently, but it looked quite nice so I stuck with it. There are lots of things I'd change about this image, but much that I like.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass (POV-Ray 3.5)

I've always been a fan of stained glass, so I tried to make one in POV-Ray. This image was the first of a few: I got a friend of mine to design me a really nice window, which I never got round to using. The one in this imag is a concoction of my own.


Chess (POV-Ray 3.5)

Created to test out all the nice new features in POV, like photons, dispersion, etc. This is my best attempt (IMHO) at photorealism; slightly embarassing, given the subject matter...

Negative Lights

Negative Lights (POV-Ray 3.5)

My first experimentation with negative light sources: this image is completely symmetrical. Sort of. This is one of my favourite pictures that I've made.